How we started. Our Story

Once upon a time, I’ve come across a story about a magical book that could connect with its readers. I was five years old when this idea caught my mind. In Andersen’s fairytale, the book characters could befriend the readers and explore the dream worlds together.

I’ve been researching concepts that could replicate this experience in the real world ever since. After twelve years in the School of Art and National Academy of Arts, I’ve graduated as a book illustrator and designer.

A year later, I’ve learned web design and programming. In 2002 I thought multimedia CD presentations (predecessors of apps) could be the closest idea to that book. So I’ve learned how to create them.

Once I’ve got my first job, I’ve studied psychology and marketing to become a decent brand expert. I’ve created several brands and studios for TV channels and programs. Yet, TV was far from the magical book idea.

And finally, I also learned photography and videography to find the right tools to fulfil the dream that has hunted me for over thirty years.

Now, I believe that the closest idea – is customer experience with the brand.

Brands invite people to explore the experience that unfolds emotions and transforms their lives. Products, content, services, invite people to go on their hero journey, just like in that magical book. Brands serve as guides for those who want to find a solution to their problems.

When I heard about the Hero Journey by Joseph Campbell, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I didn’t realise how much mythology (my obsession) impacts marketing and branding (my business passion).

When your customers see themselves in your story, the bond is forming, therefore they decide to work with you. Your journey becomes a catalyst to their transformation. When readers and viewers interact with your videos, images, texts, they take a leap and go on an adventure with you, just like in the magical book. The moment your prospects choose you as their guide, coach, service provider, brand, — they pick THE desired experience, like a child in a candy store.

And I want you to deliver the best experience for them. I want your customers to feel excited, when they’re unwrapping the life-changing gift, your brand represents.

In a nutshell, the story of Brand Your Dream looks like this.

  • First, my forty years of obsession with fantasy books.
  • Then twelve years of the academic art training.
  • Plus twenty-five years of experience in the branding industry. Add the desire to help experts globally to become visible, confident, and help more people.

My journey from the Designer to agency Creative Director, business owner, and creative woman, gives me clarity on how difficult it can be. I know how hidden fears, beliefs, impostor syndrome can hijack your expert visibility and success.

  • I want you to find yourself and build your personal brand.
  • I want you to enjoy branding your business.
  • I want you to feel confident when you show up and create content that connects with your prospects’ hearts.

That’s why Brand Your Dream helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs, coaches, experts, businesswomen, build brands that make them feel proud and happy.