How much visibility is too much?

Can you disclose too much data in your desire to build your personal brand online? 
This video discusses visibility, cyber security, digital identity, and how to protect your data. Our guest is Lance Wantenaar. Cyber security analyst. Financial crimes investigator and podcaster. He is fascinated by psychology, neuroscience, cognitive psychology and physiology. Lance aims to understand deeper how people think. His interest in psychology provides a unique angle on how it’s used in cybercrime and fraud. Knowing how people think and react to cyber-attacks and how it affects people’s decisions allows him to explore various areas related to decision-making by investigating aspects like emotions, language and technology.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How much is too much when you show up online? What is Digital Identity?
  • Why you shouldn’t use your passport-style photos online?
  • What to do with potentially sensible data like address, email, and phone number, if it’s already available online for transparency reasons? How to protect your data?
  • Why do you need to be serious about your phone and potentially harmful apps?
  • Your original shouldn’t have details that can be used against you. You need to focus on the message and emotions without disclosing names and addresses!
  • Changing your Digital footprint
  • Why changing your data may not delete your information from Google?
  • Three best recommendations to keep your data and your pocket safe!

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