Brand Your Dream Show | Season 2

Find Yourself | Brand Yourself | Show Up Confidently

Personal Branding

When you are scaling your business, your message connects you with new people. Your prospects recognize themselves in your story, they can see that you can guide them through the pain to the result they want. Therefore the secret ingredient of your brand is you. Your story your values, why, vision and human qualities, your imperfections set the foundation for the authentic brand. Your brand can connect heart to heart with real people, solve their problems, and make them ambassadors for it. All you need is to find yourself, find the message that resonates and show up confidently.

We are offering a Brand Your Dream | Personal branding coaching program. In three months we will be working on your content, your message, your vision. You will understand yourself better. You will learn how to work with your fears and discover yourself, to be confident, powerful and unstoppable. You were born to lead! Want to know more let’s chat, send me a message on LinkedIn

Business Branding

Your business branding is a set of standards that can help your team to deliver a consistent message across all the mediums and platforms. For small companies and entrepreneurs, we create sites supported with basic branding – logo, fonts and colours. This package is the perfect match for the Personal branding program where you can first find yourself, set up your message and learn how to create content.

For larger enterprises, we have a 12-month program packed with a Personal and Business Branding program and Brand development that include a brand book, style guide, social media template, brand identity and more. We can add the site to it if required.

To support our clients our agency provides design and branding services a-la-cart and we can build a retainer package for your company based on the scope of work that you share with us.

Want to know more let’s chat, send me a message on LinkedIn

Show Up Confidently

If you have a fear of the camera, can’t speak on video, feel uncomfortable closing sales on zoom call, it will affect your results. Imagine that you can show up confidently, that you can enjoy your videos live and recorded, that you are feeling amazing when you are entering the stage, or do your online presentation. Sounds interesting?

We created Visibility Gym to boost your confidence. In 10 days you’ll learn how to speak confidently on camera. Discover how to connect emotionally with your viewers when you are speaking about your business. Practice building your business message. Visibility Gym is a group program where you and several brave entrepreneurs just like yourself, will practice live video in the closed Facebook Group. Safe environment, 10 prompts and 10 training videos, 3 extra miles to cover your self-coaching and me on your side with feedback on request.

Want to know more let’s chat, send me a message on LinkedIn