How does it work?

In the new season, we discuss your story, visibility, your expert ideas and tips.

I’ll ask other questions during the conversation, but these are the main points. And we discuss visibility within your experience and expertise. The aim is to find a genuine idea about this concept without common cliches and artificial frameworks. Your expertise must be genuine and not salesy. You will receive an opportunity to promote your business in the end.

  1. Your Story. How did you become the expert you are today? 5-10 min
  2. Why is visibility important, and how to achieve it? 5-10 min
  3. Your three best pieces of advice from your professional brilliance perspective. 10 -15 min
  4. By the end, I will ask how people can connect with you; please share one link so it will be easier to follow. I will share the rest of your links in the description.

I will also give a special offer to some of you to participate in a masterclass format (conditions apply).

The final cut of the interview is about 20 minutes. If you choose to participate in a masterclass format it will be an additional 45-60 min.

During the recording, we can have some pauses between parts if needed. Overall recording time 30-40min (+ masterclass if you choose it) . Please prepare your space and audio so that we can record without destruction.

Before the interview. Please share with me.

  1. Your name and title (so I can use it for promotion without any grammatical errors) and the desired focus of your professional advice. I’ll mention it in the introduction and add it during editing.
  2. Please share the photo that will be used on the thumbnail. You need to have enough of space around you so that your photo can fit in the thumbnail format.
  3. Please share one paragraph write up and all links you want to share in the description to your episode.

Also, once you share this info via email, add that you agree that I will use this interview to promote your brand in our show. If your video is part of promo material, it will be shared with you for additional approval before the release.

Thank you for your time, tips and ideas 🙂


Please note that by joining this recorded interview, you agree and give me permission to record it and use this recording to promote the Brand Your Dream Show.

I’ll share the ROOM link via email Once you book your time.

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